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Table 1 SRL Microanalytic Assessment protocol

From: Self-regulated learning microanalysis for the study of the performance of clinical examinations by physiotherapy students

SRL Phase SRL Sub process Measure/Questions Timing of administration Coding Scheme
Forethought Self-efficacy Pre-Task Scale 0–10 Pre-task 0–10
Strategic Planning Do you have any particular plans for how to take data about the joint grades? Immediately preceding the first attempt to take the measure. 1) Patient focus
2) Technique focus
3) Patient care and technique focus
4) No plan
5) Do not know
Performance Self-monitoring Do you think you have performed a flawless process thus far or have you made any mistake? Tell me about them. After the measure began but prior to obtaining goniometric grades. 1) Not aware of any mistake
2) Procedural mistake
3) Non-procedural mistake
4) Do not know
Self Evaluation Satisfaction How satisfied are your current performance? After the task was completed. 0–10
Scale 0–10
Self-evaluation What criteria did you use to determine your satisfaction? After satisfaction question 1) Lectures
2) Practical lessons
3) Lectures and practical lessons
4) Other factors
5) Do not know
Self-efficacy Post-Task Scale 0–10 After self- evaluation question. 0–10