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Table 3 Tutor feedback regarding engagement

From: Evaluating medical student engagement during virtual patient simulations: a sequential, mixed methods study

Theme Code/
frequency of code
Tutor feedback
Flow 1-Attention “Good attention.”
“Good attention and flow.”
5-Involvement “Very quiet but everyone involved.”
“All: Good immersion. Discussions good depth.”
“Very engaged.”
“Involved and immersed.”
“Good student interaction and participation.”
“Good involvement.”
5-Engagement “Seemed engaged.”
“3 groups. 3 all engaged.”
“Had fun and learned.”
“8 out of 9 students engaged.”
“One group enjoyed this more.”
2-Enthusiastic outburst “Some good excitement noted. Also: WHAT?!”
“Some cheering noted and arm waving.”
1-Wish to continue working “During the remainder of the lesson, some students were sneaking back onto DecisionSim to finish the case.”
1-Not in the flow “Students finished case very quickly. Discussions were brief.”