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Table 2 Observation notes and memos by domain: engagement

From: Evaluating medical student engagement during virtual patient simulations: a sequential, mixed methods study

Code Sample researcher analysis memos regarding VPS activities
Anxiety [First case, first five minutes]. “A student expresses that she feels anxious to complete this case: ‘we are being video-recorded, I don’t know what to do about the competency task, it’s difficult, there is time pressure, and there is no professor here.’”
Note-Taking “Very few students were observed taking notes during VPS.”
Focus “In the small group room I observed, the students were fully engaged and at one point, even stopped looking at the game [VPS] and sat in a triangle discussing the case.”
Interest “One colleague observing from the control room said the students were “pimping” each other” [this means challenging each other with questions about the case].”
Humor “[In reviewing action on monitors from the control room].” There was laughter in several rooms.”
Enthusiasm about score “Students discuss their score at the end of the case (out of 100 points) 85 %. Not bad!”
Gratitude to professor “At the end of the case, the students thank the absent professor who wrote the case: ‘Thanks, Dr. C!’”
Wish to continue “Students asked to stop at 20 min requested more time to do the case.”