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Table 1 Rule of EBM competition

From: Effectiveness of national evidence-based medicine competition in Taiwan

Participants A cooperative team is composed of 3 healthcare personnel with at least two different professions (such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists and so on).
   ■ Basic group
   ■ Advanced group
Task A. Each team has to develop at least two PICO questions according to the clinical scenario provided by the organizer at the inception of competition.
  B. Each team has to integrate all tasks above and submitted a Microsoft PowerPoint file at the end of competition within a total of 3 hours timeframe.
  C. Each team has10 minutes to present their task results in front of the judges and all participants.
   1. Each team has to state clearly detail strategies for searching answers based on the above PICO questions.
   2. Each team has to describe the tools applied in appraising selected articles, and their judgment according the criteria of their appraisal tool.
   3. Each team has to elaborate how the study conclusion can be implied to the patient in the clinical scenario and what should be considered.
Grade weighting A. A total of five judges evaluate participating team performances according 5 domains:
   1. quality and quantity of PICO questions
   2. literature search
   3. critical appraisal
   4. clinical application
   5. presentation
  B. Under each domain, there are several sub-criteria. Each domain composes 20% of the total score. Final score of each team are the sum of 5 domain score.
  1. PICO: problem, intervention, comparison, and outcome.