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Table 5 Existing well-functioning training concepts on ICUs

From: Germany-wide evaluation of residency in neurological intensive care medicine

Does your clinic have a well-functioning concept of intensive medical training? Please describe it briefly Number n (%)a
No structured further training concept or not feasible due to lack of time or personnel (e.g. "There is no clearly standardized concept available") 33 (32.7)
Written training manual or "checklist" available (e.g. "Self-created document of the educator to be checked off by the resident") 21 (20.8)
Intubation training in in-house anesthesiology (e.g. "…daily airway management in anesthesiology" or "anesthesiology hospitation before starting") 15 (14.9)
Clinic-internal or external advanced and further training (e.g. "Integration in advanced training courses in intensive care medicine") 9 (8.9)
"Trial and error" concept (e.g. "…the concept is to just do it and be corrected") 6 (5.9)
Structured examination of knowledge by an experienced specialist or senior physician (e.g. "…in discussions it is checked where there are deficiencies and the training is adjusted") 3 (2.9)
Simulation training (e.g. "Three afternoons per year in the simulation center (…), simulation of neurological clinical pictures, including anesthesiological hands-on-teaching") 2 (2.9)
Regular feedback sessions (3 mentions), Case seminars (2 mentions), Internal hospital mentoring system (1 mention) (< 3)
  1. aIn some cases several mentions within one free text; Percentages relate to all responses (n = 101)