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Table 2 Convergence coding matric for contextual factors

From: Key stakeholders’ views, experiences and expectations of patient and public involvement in healthcare professions’ education: a qualitative study

Themes Subtheme Convergence Code
Interview Focus Groups
Agreement Partial agreement Silence Disagreement Agreement Partial agreement Silence Disagreement
1. PPI experiences Past experiences/ impact of PPI        
2. Training Desire for training        
Description of training         
Effect on meaningful engagement         
3. Challenges/ Barriers Patient and public challenges/barriers        
Academic facilitators challenges/barriers        
Institutional challenges/barriers        
4. Facilitators Patient and public facilitators        
Academic facilitators        
Institutional facilitators        
5. Future ideas for PPI Timing/ duration of activity        
Method of Involvement (description)         
Recruitment/ recruitment methodology        
Total   9 3 0 1 6 2 4 1