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Table 1 Overview of study procedure matched to the KTA cycle

From: Long term tailored implementation of structured “TREAT” journal clubs in allied health: a hybrid effectiveness-implementation study


Step in KTA cycle


Pre implementation

Adapt knowledge to local context

Assessing readiness/barriers to knowledge use

Pre-Assessment (Baseline)

-Topic selection

- First four JC topics brainstormed and chosen as a group

Selection of implementation strategies

30 min discussion with JC clinician facilitators to select implementation strategies based on results of Journal Club Readiness and Culture questionnaire results

Journal club implementation

Monitoring knowledge use

JC Sessions 1 & 2: Researcher facilitates

JC Session 3 & 4: Clinician co-facilitates with researcher

JC sessions 5–10- Clinician facilitates

Measure adherence TREAT format throughout implementation

Evaluate outcomes

Assessment after 10 JC sessions (approx. 10-months post implementation)

Clinician focus group

Sustain knowledge use

Assessment after 16 JC sessions

(approx. 16-months post implementation)

Clinician focus group