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Table 1 Schedule of the interprofessional tutor qualification program

From: Opening up a tailored tutor qualification program for medical students to other healthcare students – a mixed-method study

Schedule Components Teaching methods
First day: Didactics/teaching methods
 40 min Getting to know and learn about each other Sociometric formation, speed dating
 20 min Expectations Table group and plenum session
 60 min Tasks and roles of a tutor Table group and plenum session
 30 min Basics of learning, teaching and didactics [42,43,44,45] Lectures
 90 min Design of entry and exit phases of tutorials Role play
 60 min Motivation of participants, experiences of current tutors Plenum discussion with experienced tutors
Second day: Group leadership
 60 min Previous experience with groups and leadership Circle of chairs, exchange, reflection
 30 min Perception exercises Moving exercise
 60 min Rank dynamics, team roles and group phases [46, 47] Theoretical input and role play
 30 min Group leadership and leadership styles [48] Small working group and plenum session
 90 min Dealing with resistance and disruptive factors, theme-centred interaction (TCI) [49] Theoretical input, working on case studies in small working groups
 30 min Summary, outlook, evaluation Plenum
  1. In 2020 we added an input on online learning at the beginning of the second day, replaced the role play on group phases and team roles with team-building games and did more outdoor exercises due to the pandemic situation