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Table 1 Respondent demographics

From: Barriers and gaps in headache education: a national cross-sectional survey of neurology residents in Denmark

Participants 54
Capital Region of Denmark 21 (39%)
Central Denmark Region 5 (9%)
North Denmark Region 8 (15%)
Region of Southern Denmark 12 (22%)
Region Zealand 8 (15%)
Residency program
Introductory program 25 (46%)
Main program 29 (54%)
Prior headache education/training
All residents 35 (65%)
   Residents in introductory program 11 (44%)
   Residents in main program 24 (83%)
  1. A total of 54 participants across all five regions in Denmark were included in the survey. There was an approximately even distribution between residents currently enrolled in the introduction program (1st year residents) and the main program (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year residents). Two-thirds had prior training in headache disorders