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Table 1 Topic guide for focus group discussion

From: Tailoring an online breastfeeding course for Southeast Asian paediatric trainees- A qualitative study of user experience from Malaysia and Thailand

Learner background
  1)Could you tell us about your experience in using the online breastfeeding module?
  2)What is your general view about this breastfeeding module?
  3)Was it easy to go through the module? Probe: Learning platform/ website, self-assessment questions, graphics, interactive elements, page navigation
  4)Do you find it useful to learn about breastfeeding early nutrition? Probe for utility: Which sections do you find it helpful? Which sections not helpful?
  5)Are the contents (e.g. examples used) relevant to you? Why or why not? Probe: Amount of information, level of information, relevance to local practice
  6)How can we improve it?