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Table 1 Item formats and rewards of correct answers of the final knowledge test

From: Traffic safety knowledge gain of ambulance drivers after simulator-based training

Response format Items correct responses scoring (points)
Multiple choice A1/B12, A3/B18, A4/B1, A5/B14, A6/B5, A7/B15, A8/B11, A10/B4, A11/B8, A12/B7, A13/B19, A14/B2, A15/B10, A16/B16, A18/B3, A19/B9 1 of 5 1 each
Sorting of 4 responses A2/B17 right order 1 if all correct
Multiple correct answers A9/B6
2 of 4
5 of 8
0.5 each
0.2 each
Free responses A20/B20 5 1 each categorya
Maximum possible points to reach 26.5
  1. asee also coding system below and Additional file 5 for scoring of free responses