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Table 1 M23C screenings in the summer semester 2017 and winter semester 2017/2018

From: Cinemeducation in medicine: a mixed methods study on students’ motivations and benefits

Cinema date Topic Film Film director Release date
23/05/2017 Medical checklists The Checklist Effect Lauren Anders Brown 2016
07/06/2017 Blindness Notes on Blindness James Spinney 2016
20/06/2017 Migration On Call Alice Diop 2016
24/10/2017 AIDS Dallas Buyers Club Jean-Marc Vallée 2013
14/11/2017 Forensic psychiatry Picco Philip Koch 2010
12/12/2017 Professionalism The Unknown Girl Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne 2016
10/01/2018 Multiple sclerosis Multiple Fates Jann Kessler 2016