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Table 1 The list of cardiovascular physiology topics and lecturers in the Cardiovascular System I course during pre-COVID-19 and COVID-19 years

From: Asynchronous online lecture may not be an effective method in teaching cardiovascular physiology during the COVID-19 pandemic

Topics Duration (hours) Lecturers
1. Physical and electrical properties of the heart 2 A F
2. Cardiac cycle & regulation of the heart 2
3. Basic electrocardiogram 1 B F
4. Circulatory dynamics 2 C C
5. Circulatory control 2
6. Regional circulation 1.5
7. Physical activity & fitness 1 C C
8. Exercise physiology 1
9. Microcirculation 1 D C
10. Pathophysiology of shock & heart failure 2.5 E E
  1. Letters A–F indicate each teacher (lecturer) teaching the topic in the indicated academic year