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Table 1 Global teaching evaluation items of the offered elective course

From: Communication in the face of death and dying - how does the encounter with death influence the patient management competence of medical students? An outcome-evaluation

Question Subject Wording
I Demographics Gender
II Demographics Age
III Experience from prior health-care occupation Apart from your medical studies and related internships, have you got any previous experience gained in another a health-care occupation?
IV E-Learning The e-learning module is suitable for preparing students for a meeting with a severely ill patient.
V E-Learning The contents of the e-learning modules are easy to understand.
VI Structure The structure of the elective course dividing it into e-learning, meeting with a patient and subsequent reflection is appropriate.
VII Implementation The lecturers/instructors prepared the meetings between the students and the patients well.
VIII Evaluation of the reflection phase I found comparing notes during the reflection seminar helpful.
IX Evaluation of the reflection phase Writing a reflection paper helps me to cope with my meeting with the patient.
X Evaluation of lecturers/instructors The lecturers/instructors appeared enthusiastic.
XI Didactics The elective course’s didactic design is appropriate.
XII Social and self-competence The elective course has improved my communication skills.
XIII Social and self-competence The elective course has changed my attitude towards meeting with dying patients.
XIV Social and self-competence I felt overwhelmed/out of my depth during my meeting with a severely ill patient.
XV Overall satisfaction Overall, I am satisfied with the elective course.