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Table 3 Free responses to “How do you think virtual interviews can be improved in the future?”

From: Virtual obstetrics and gynecology fellowship interviews during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic: a survey study

Should be used permanently.
Make them shorter.
Virtual tour of the facilities.
More practice interviewing virtually.
I would recommend an end of the day group send off by the fellowship director to all applicants for closing remarks and any last minute questions from applicants.
It was a seamless process, worked great. A virtual tour and may be some way to have some social time on Zoom will be helpful.
More online information available to applicant.
Providing virtual tours.
Add a virtual tour of the facility.
By not occurring.
I think they will improve as we all get more comfortable with the virtual environment through repeated use.
A video of the facilities and surrounding community.
Better format and include virtual tour.