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Table 1 Factors identified as contributing to graduate outcomes

From: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teaching and learning in health professional education: a mixed methods study protocol

Factors Description
Teacher dynamic and culture Previous teaching & industry experience
Training & intrinsic interest in teaching
Diversity, size & dynamics of the team
Health / mental health
Policies, procedure & ethical guidelines
Teaching performance review
Being flexible to students’ learning needs
Teaching and contribution to students’ learning experience
Being reflexive and willing to change
Competing demands outside teaching
Dynamic and culture between teachers, students and WIL educators*
* Includes patient as educator
• Perceived role and intrinsic interest in teaching
• Understanding, skills and support in teaching and assessing
• Satisfaction with teaching
Learning priorities and challenges in workplace
Teaching logistics, technology and class timetable
Diverse learning pace of students
Course advisory group inputs
Explicit instruction on curricular delivery
Strategies to identify struggling students
Labor market expectations
Student dynamic and culture Selection effect, readiness to learn
Previous learning experiences and expectations
English language proficiency
Diversity, size and dynamics of cohort
Procedures and guidelines
Health / mental health
Being reflexive, willing to change, resilience
Engaged in learning
Competing demands outside learning