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Table 7 Illustrative quotes for outcomes

From: A realist evaluation exploring simulated patient role-play in pharmacist undergraduate communication training

‘it shows you to listen a bit more when they're talking rather than constantly thinking what's next.’
Planning how to communicate
‘Actually, just wait a minute. Just even wait a second. Just say hang on to yourself and then think of a better way of framing things.
Aware of patient emotions
‘I can tell that this person is nervous. Wary by the way that they're acting or the tone of their voice’.
‘be a little bit more attentive…in terms of altering tone of your voice or the way maybe how far you lean on a table or how much eye contact to make’.
Building rapport
‘We kind of learn a lot about building rapport with patients so they're comfortable telling your stuff but...We all skipped, we all just focused on the fact that we didn't know what the drug was.’