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Table 2 Main categories, categories and subcategories the establishing a DNP program from experts’ views

From: Exploring the necessity of establishing a doctor of nursing practice program from experts’ views: a qualitative study

Main categories Categories Subcategories
1. Providing Infrastructures 1.1 Basic infrastructures Need assessment in different levels
Adequate resources
Defining the role and scope of graduates
Evaluation factors facilitating or inhibiting this transition using DNP executive countries’ experiences.
Cultural adaptations
1.2 Challenges of developing a DNP program without providing infrastructures Graduates’ frustration after the unsuccessful DNP performance.
Waste time and costs.
Lack of guarantees for patient outcomes
Inadequate support for promoting of profession Burden on the healthcare system
Blind imitation of western countries
2. DNP: As an Opportunity to Drive Positive Outcomes 2.1 DNP to meet the patients’ newly emerging needs Application of knowledge to practice
Development of clinical nursing practice
Technological advances
Patients’ changing needs
Healthcare systems’ complexity
2.2 Improvement of patient outcomes Evidence-based practice development
Decrease in the theory – practice gap
Advancement nurses’ roles