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Table 5 Checklist for quality practices pertaining to human resources

From: A guide for evaluation of online learning in medical education: a qualitative reflective analysis

Human Resources Checklist Level of Achievement (Fully / Partially / Not Achieved) Evidence Collection Method
Evaluation questions answered in advance:
1. Is there a wide variety of professional development activities for the faculty pertaining to skills needed for online education?
2. Is there a technical checklist for technical support staff?
3. Is there a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for technical checks?
4. Are tutor feedback forms available?
5. Are corrective actions taken based on the tutor feedback?
6. Are online teaching activities and experience included in faculty portfolio/appraisal forms?
7. What is the ratio of faculty to students? (one faculty for every 15–20 students)
8. Are the roles and responsibilities of faculty detailed in a document?
  1–8: document analysis
Evaluation questions answered during audit visits:
9. Is the faculty roles and responsibilities document available and accessible to faculty?
10. Are faculty aware of the content of their roles and responsibilities document?
11. Are the results of tutor feedback discussed with them?
12. Are the faculty familiar with the different modalities of LMS or online platforms?
  9–12: focus groups / observations / interviews
Information gathered before the audit:
1. Is there an orientation session conducted for students regarding the online course?
2. Are learning materials and resources available and accessible during orientation?
3. Are there guidelines for student-teacher and student-student communication means?
4. Are these guidelines disseminated properly?
  1–4: document analysis
Evaluation questions answered during audit visits:
5. Are students aware of these guidelines?
6. Are equity and accessibility to technology ensured to all students?
7. Is there a Technical Support office/team available for all students?
8. Does the technical support office offer timely support?
9. Is there timely and constructive feedback to students?
10. Are these guidelines reasonable?
11. Is there a student support unit with a mentorship program? (one staff for each 15–20 student to mentor and guide them)
  5, 7, 8, 10: focus groups
6, 9, 11: observations
Information gathered before the audit:
1. Is there a proper ration between administrative staff and students (Administrators are almost 1 for every 30 students)?
2. Is there an administrator’s training plan?
3. Is there a clear role definition for administration?
4. Is there evidence that the complaint process is used?
  1–4: document analysis
Evaluation questions answered during the audit:
5. Are admins trained? Do they possess the required skills?
6. Are admins aware of online course requirements and timelines?
7. Are admins taking the designated training sessions?
8. Do training certificates contribute to admin promotion?
9. Are admin roles disseminated?
10. Are admins aware of these roles?
11. Is there a complaint box / complaint email system?
12. Is the administration supporting the whole process, the faculty members and the students?
13. Is the administration ensuring the availability of resources needed for online teaching different activities?
14. Is the administration monitoring the implementation of online activities with frequent evaluation and actions done for any challenges encountered?
  5, 9, 11, 14: observations
6–8, 10, 12, 13: focus groups