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Table 5 Statistical significance of training interests by sociodemographic variables

From: Cultural competency and sensitivity in the curriculum for palliative care professionals: a survey in Switzerland

  Gender Age Profession Country of birth Canton Home care mobile teams Previous training
Variable p p p p p p p
Cluster I        
1) How to explore patients’ perceptions of illness, death, treatments and the healthcare system (e.g., role of palliative care) 0.026   0.007     
2) How to discuss sensitive topics (e.g., end of life, death, intimacy)      0.000   
Cluster II        
3) How to explore patients and relatives’ expectations       0.002  
4) How to assess symptoms and pain and investigate their meaning for patients    0.027 0.012 0.000   
5) Health and support networks for precarious patients (e.g., asylum seekers, undocumented migrants) 0.017       
6) How to involve patients in decision making      0.007   
9) How to adapt speech to patient’s level of comprehension    0.021     0.026
Cluster III        
10) How to break bad news   0.031    0.03   0.017
11) How to collaborate with relatives      0.009   
13) Historical and socioeconomic conditions of migrant populations in Switzerland        0.026
15) Epidemiologic aspects of migration     0.031