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Table 1 Content coverage of the curriculum

From: Mental health education in undergraduate medical curricula across Nepalese universities

S.N University Content coverage and relative weight  
History taking and mental status examination Priority mental neurological and substance use disorders* Behavioural science** Child mental health Other topics ***
  TU √√ √√√ × √√
  KU √√ ×
  BPKIHS √√ √√√ √√
  PAHS √√ √√√ ×
  1. *includes depression, mania and bipolar disorder, Psychosis, use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, suicide, stress related and anxiety disorders, conversion and somatoform disorder, dementia and delirium and psychiatric emergencies. The emotional and behavioral problems among children is separately presented
  2. ** constitutes basic psychology lectures during basic science training in the first two year of training
  3. *** includes classifications in Psychiatry, organic psychiatry, sleep cycle and sleep-wake disorders, community psychiatry, rehabilitation, neuropsychiatric aspect of chronic illness, psychosomatic disorders, psychosexual disorder, eating Disorders, mental disorders and disability, grief and bereavement
  4. √: relative weight (maximum √√√ ) ×: None