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Table 3 Key concepts discussed and related to aspects of professional reasoning (VP = viewpoint)

From: A Q-method approach to perceptions of professional reasoning in occupational therapy undergraduates

VP Highly rated Poorly rated
Statements Aspects of reasoning Statements Aspects of reasoning
1 • interactive reasoning
• community reinsertion
• roles of the client
Narrative, conditional and interactive reasoning • frames of reference
• main diagnosis
• illness
Scientific and procedural reasoning
2 • ethical reasoning
• cooperative learning
• academic education
Ethical and scientific reasoning • images of people with disabilities
• contact with people with disabilities
• main problem of the client
Interactive and narrative reasoning
3 • assessments of the client
• intervention planning
• functionality of the client
Pragmatic reasoning • referents in own learning
• mentor
Related to highly pragmatic reasoning
4 (Not clearly identified) • specific vocabulary and terminology
• models of practise
• frame of reference
Procedural reasoning