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Table 2 Aspects tested in pre and post-learning knowledge assessments

From: Use of simulation in teaching haematological aspects to undergraduate medical students improves student’s knowledge related to the taught theoretical underpinnings

S. No. Category
1 Anatomy of blood and function of its major components
2 Anaemia: causes, classification, clinical features and diagnosis
3 Erythropoiesis: definition, stages and mature red blood cells features
4 General aspects of red blood cell: haemoglobin, methemoglobin and cell membrane
5 Genetic disorders of haemoglobin
6 Haematopoiesis: definition, sites and general aspects of blood formation and maturation
7 Hypochromic anaemias: features, cause and differential diagnosis
8 Iron deficiency anaemia: clinical features, causes, diagnosis and management
9 Nutritional and metabolic aspects of iron
10 Thalassaemia: definition, types, geographical distribution, diagnosis and management