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Table 1 Suturing model cost and frequency of use

From: Comparison of suturing models: the effect on perception of basic surgical skills

Material Cost (USD)a Number of uses Pros Cons
Orange 0.20 1 Accessible
Low cost
Low endurance
Juice - messy
One use
Low resistance
Heterogeneuos consistency
Pork fat skin 1.40 7–12 Similarity to human tissue
Consistency with skin
True layers
Better strength use perception
Refrigeration needed
Biological material
Time limit
Restricted access
Dry sponge 0.56 5–10 Accessible
Low cost
No time limit
Easy storage
Light weight, needs to be held down
Poor depth perception
Medium resistance
Silicon-rubber pad 5.60 10–15 Accessible
No time limit
Easy storage
Generates self-percieved tension
Commercial brands at higher cost
  1. USD united states dollars; a values calculated from Mexican pesos estimated at cost per participant