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Table 1 Questionnaire Measures

From: Changing professional behaviours: mixed methods study utilising psychological theories to evaluate an educational programme for UK medical doctors

Measures Scale Cronbach α No of items Example item
Use of confidentiality guidance Attitude 0.842 8 Overall, I think that the GMC confidentiality guidance is hard to apply—easy to apply
Subjective norm 0.944 11 It is expected of me to use the GMC confidentiality guidance
Perceived behavioural control 0.739 4 I have enough time to refer to the GMC confidentiality guidance
Intention 0.856 3 I intend to refer to the GMC confidentiality guidance the next time I’m uncertain
Raising Concerns Attitude 0.659 4 Overall, I think raising a concern is worthless – worthwhile
Subjective norm 0.838 11 It is expected of me that I report a concern if I have one
Perceived behavioural control 0.634 2 I am confident that I can raise a concern if I want to
Intention 0.779 3 I want to raise a concern when I have one in my work environment
Reflection Attitude 0.883 8 Reflecting on my practice makes me a better doctor
Subjective norm 0.875 12 People who are important to me think I should reflect on my practice
Perceived behavioural control n/aa 1 For me to reflect on my practice is difficult - easy
Intention 0.823 3 I intend to reflect on my practice