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Table 3 Physio Hub Exercise and Health Promotion Service Provision Summary

From: Development of real world learning opportunities in community exercise prescription for healthcare professional programmes - ‘Physio Hub’

Services/ Programmes Target Groups Overview
Get in Gear/Active Campus Europea Sedentary University Students Health screening and exercise programme × 12 weeks aligned with academic terms
UCD Better Bonesa Age 55+ with bone health issues/osteoporosis Group Exercise and interdisciplinary education programme ×  12 weeks on campus
UCD Better Heartsa Clients with cardiac health issues Group Exercise and education programme ×  12 weeks on campus
Injury Prevention Sports Teamsa UCD/local club
Gaelic Athletic Association football/hurling,
UCD Soccer, Rugby
Injury Prevention Programme over season
at UCD/other local clubs
Crumlin Olympic Challenge Children with intellectual Disability, their teachers & parents 6 weeks- health promotion talks & exercise classes both in community and at UCD sport
UCD-Simmons College Boston, USA
Traveller Healthy Living Project
Traveller Community Pavee Point Traveller Representative Organisation International Service Learning Health Promotion project
Enable Ireland-UCD Kids’ Camp Children with Physical Disability Physiotherapy supported kids’ multisport camps on campus
Parkinson’s ‘On the Move’ Individuals with Parkinsons’ Disease 12 week exercise programme (Spin/Circuit/Tai Chi) with related research on campus
UCD-DLR Rathdown Leisure services ‘Move don’t Sit’ (MedaliST) Older adults (>  65) with multiple morbidities in area of social disadvantage 12 week exercise & public lecture series at community gym
Healthy Eating Active Living
Health Project
Primary School Children Fitness testing, PA programme & health promotion talks at primary school (6 weeks)
UCD Festivals UCD and Local Community Fitness testing & PA promotion at hub health & wellbeing festival zone
WCPT Active Ageing Older Population Exercise Class & Public Lecture on campus
Darndale Active Girls Project Teenage girls in area of social disadvantage Social entrepreneurship
PA promotion project
UCD Workplace Health Office workers on Campus Development of Guidelines for Workers
  1. Note: List not exhaustive; each practice education block has an embedded active learning project and some initiatives are threaded through all practice education blocks, with modifications as required
  2. aLongstanding programmes running several years providing consistent client base