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Table 2 Knowledge profile regarding antibiotic therapy according to the type of infection

From: Knowledge regarding antibiotic use among students of three medical schools in Medellin, Colombia: a cross-sectional study

 Mean (SD)Me (IQR)MinimumMaximum
Treatment for upper respiratory tract infections44.2 (9.9)42.9 (39.3–50.0)14.371.4
Treatment for pneumonia52.9 (14.7)50.0 (41.7–66.7)0.091.7
Treatment for urinary tract infections58.7 (14.8)61.9 (52.4–66.7)9.595.2
Treatment for skin and soft tissue infections63.1 (19.4)66.7 (55.6–77.8)0.0100.0
  1. SD Standard deviation
  2. Me Median
  3. IQR Interquartile range