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Table 3 Medical smartphone app usage as reflected by the closed questions

From: Evidence-based medicine self-assessment, knowledge, and integration into daily practice: a survey among Romanian physicians and comparison between trainees and specialists

(n = 170)
(n = 80)
(B02) The use of medical apps, yes a146 (85.88)63 (78.75)0.23
(B03) Reason for using … b
 Curiosity33 (18.24)3 (3.75)0.002
 Allowing quick access to medical information134 (78.82)61 (76.25)0.65
 Most colleagues do it4 (2.35)0 (0.00)0.17
 To save time in identifying solutions to clinical problems80 (47.06)29 (36.25)0.11
(B04) Top five type of medical applications b
 Treatment93 (54.7)38 (47.5)0.29
 “Medical news”79 (46.5)30 (37.5)0.18
 Medical calculators79 (46.5)28 (35.0)0.11
 Diagnosis61 (35.9)21 (26.3)0.13
 “Scoring system”55 (32.4)22 (27.5)0.43
(B05) When do you use the apps? b
 for each patient, regardless of case23 (13.5)7 (8.8)0.29
 for atypical patients64 (37.6)31 (38.8)0.86
 to stay in touch with medical news42 (24.7)24 (30.0)0.38
 at home, for individual study18 (10.6)2 (2.5)0.03
(B06) How can apps improve medical care? b
 Fast search of scientific literature135 (78.8)56 (70.0)0.13
 Shortest time from consultation to diagnosis and treatment61 (35.9)19 (23.8)0.06
 Encouraging continuous medical documentation …53 (31.2)28 (35.0)0.55
 Availability to be used in any circumstance, even at the bedside …33 (19.4)13 (16.3)0.56
(B08) Can mobile medical apps reduce healthcare costs? a
 Yes, because they decrease unnecessary health service requests50 (29.4)23 (28.8)0.92
 Yes, because they avoid further expensive investigation26 (15.3)8 (10.0)0.25
 No12 (7.1)4 (5.0)0.53
 They could cut the future costs of healthcare …113 (66.5)51 (63.8)0.68
(B09) Drawbacks in using medical apps b
 incomplete definitions and treatment regimen71 (41.8)25 (31.3)0.11
 the absence of scientific references to support the evidence87 (51.2)26 (32.5)0.01
 an Internet connection is needed to access scientific articles56 (32.9)23 (28.8)0.52
 non-functional applications47 (27.6)12 (15.0)0.03
 they are limited to English speakers26 (15.3)9 (11.3)0.40
 the readability level is too low34 (20.0)9 (11.3)0.09
(B11) EBM medical apps b
 Explicit references, LE and DR65 (38.2)30 (37.5)0.92
 Only specified the LE21 (12.4)7 (8.8)0.40
 Only specified the DR26 (15.3)12 (15.0)0.95
 Only specified the references21 (12.4)10 (12.5)0.98
 I do not know mobile medical apps that implement EBM19 (11.2)3 (3.8)0.06
 I have not paid attention to this issue8 (4.7)0 (0.0)0.05
  1. The values in the body of the table are absolute frequencies and percentages corresponding to the sample size of each group; For this reason, the sum of percentages may exceed 100; apps Applications, LE Level of evidence, DR Degree of recommendation; a Chi-square test; b Z-test for proportions