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Table 1 Professionalism behaviors associated with each subscale

From: Perceptions of medical students towards the practice of professionalism at the Arabian Gulf University

Subscale 1 Respect/Caring/Compassion/Altruism (score range: 3–9)
Show disrespect to patients, students, faculty, staff, or other healthcare personnel.
Show respect and compassion toward patients, students, faculty, staff or other healthcare personnel.
Advocate for the well-being of patients, students, colleagues, the community and/or the medical profession.
Subscale 2 Honesty/integrity (score range: 3–9)
Make selves look good at the expense of others.
Complain about professional obligations.
Lie to patients, professors, colleagues/peers or in the medical record.
Subscale 3 Accountability/responsibility (score range: 2–6)
At times hide their medical mistakes from their colleagues and the patients.
Ignore the unprofessional behavior of others.
Subscale 4 Duty/Service/Excellence/Altruism (score range: 3–9)
Exceed expectations inpatient care, class, conferences, and/or rounds.
Finish their work and help others finish theirs.