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Table 1 Personal cognitive domain

From: Consensual qualitative research on the internship experience and development of career identity of Korean doctors

Domain Category/Subcategory Frequency
Personal cognitive domain 1) Self-reflection throughout internship training
a. Improved understanding of the clinical department Typical (9)
b. Reduced fear through workplace-based training Variable (2)
c. Self-awareness of career preferences General (10)
2) Practical awareness of the internship programme’s operation
a. Recognising the internship programme’s necessity Variable (4)
b. Dissatisfaction with simple labour transfer Typical (6)
c. Dissatisfaction with training duration and limited number of training departments Variable (4)
3) Perception of individual competence
a. Experience of the lack of general competency Variable (3)
b. Worry about the limitation of future professional competency Variable (3)