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Table 1 PICOS, inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria applied to literature search

From: A systematic scoping review of ethical issues in mentoring in medical schools

PICOS Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population Medical students Allied health specialties such as dietetics, nursing, psychology, chiropractic, midwifery, social work
Intervention Mentoring of medical students by clinicians
Medical specialties related to internal medicine, family medicine, academic medicine and surgical specialties
Non-medical specialties such as clinical and translational science, veterinary, dentistry
Non-surgical specialties including anesthesiology and obstetrics and gynecology
Role modelling, coaching, supervising and advising
Comparison None  
Outcome Attitude of health personnel
Interprofessional relations
Ethical behaviour
Problems/barriers of mentoring
Study design All study designs are included
- Descriptive papers
- Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed study methods
- Perspectives, opinions, commentary pieces and editorials