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Table 2 Score rules of the real reconstruction model surgery simulation test

From: Surgery simulation teaching based on real reconstruction aid versus traditional surgical live teaching in the acquisition of an adult total hip arthroplasty surgical technique for developmental dysplasia of the hip: a randomized comparative study

SURGERY SCORE RULES (score range: 1–100)
A. Rules of plus (score limit: 100):
  1. Is the incision located correctly? (full score: 10)
  2. Is the incision directed correctly? (full score: 5)
  3. Is the incision length appropriate? (full score: 5)
  4. The process that found soft tissue gap of the approach is accurate? (full score: 5)
  5. The exposure of the joint is comfortable? (full score: 10)
  6. The process that determine true acetabulum is quick? (full score: 10)
  7. The grinding of the acetabulum is smooth? (full score: 5)
  8. Is the acetabulum reconstructed qualified? (full score: 20)
  9. Is the choice of cup model appropriate? (full score: 10)
  10. Is the installation of cup qualified? (full score: 20)
B. Rules of deduction (range of score deducted: 1–50):
  1. If the acetabulum is worn. (1–20 points, depending on the situation)
  2. Operation is biased toward posterior important nerves area. (1–30 points, depending on the situation)