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Table 2 Correlations of external observations, team characteristics and performance

From: An observational study of self-monitoring in ad hoc health care teams

 external observationsteam characteristicsperformance
TEAM GRS ScoreTEAM sum scoreteam sizenumber of physiciansnumber of nursestime to defibrillationtime to adrenaline
TEAM GRS Score10.943**0.055−0.0720.116−.463**−.217*
TEAM sum score.943**10.061−0.0700.120−.451**−.226*
team size0.0550.0611.421**.627**−0.048−0.093
number of physicians−0.072−0.070.421**1−.443**0.1930.202
number of nurses0.1160.120.627**−.443**1−.214*−.284**
time to defibrillation−.463**−.451**−0.0480.193−.214*1.486**
time to adrenaline−.217*−.226*− 0.0930.202−.284**.486**1
  1. *. Significant on a 0.05 level (two-sided); **. Significant on a 0.01 level (two-sided)