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Table 2 Corrected item-total correlation and Cronbach’s Alpha statistics of Fraboni Scale of Ageism (n = 1974)

From: Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the Fraboni scale of ageism: evidence from medical students sample

ItemsCorrected item-total correlationCronbach’s Alpha if item deleted
1. Teenage suicide is more tragic than suicide among the elderly0.1430.755
2. There should be special clubs set aside within sports facilities so that the elderly can compete at their own level−0.2380.774
3. Many elderly people are stingy and hoard their money and possessions0.3050.745
4. Many elderly people are not interested in making new friends, preferring instead the circle of friends they have had for years0.2550.748
5. Many elderly people just live in the past0.3020.745
6. I sometimes avoid eye contact with elderly people when I see them0.4540.737
7. I don’t like it when elderly people try to make conversation with me0.4790.736
8. Elderly people deserve the same rights and freedoms as other members of our society0.1040.758
9. Complex and interesting conversation cannot be expected from most elderly people0.4810.734
10. Feeling depressed when around elderly people is probably a common feeling0.4570.735
11. Elderly people should find friends their own age0.3610.742
12. Elderly people should feel welcome at social gatherings of young people−0.1380.770
13. I would prefer not to go to an open house at a seniors club if invited0.4090.739
14. Elderly people can be very creative0.2620.747
15. I personally would not want to spend much time with an elderly person0.5090.732
16. Most elderly people should not be allowed to renew their drivers licenses0.2320.749
17. Elderly people don’t really need to use our community sports facilities0.3450.743
18. Most elderly people should not be trusted to take care of infants0.3020.745
19. Many elderly people are happiest when they are with people their own age0.2150.750
20. It best that elderly people live where they won’t bother anyone0.3600.742
21. The company of most elderly people is quite enjoyable0.2960.746
22. It is sad to hear about the plight of the elderly in our society these days0.0730.757
23. Elderly people should be encouraged to speak out politically0.2070.750
24. Most elderly people are interesting, individualistic people0.2590.747
25. Most elderly people would be considered to have poor personal hygiene0.3090.744
26. I would prefer not to live with an elderly person0.4070.739
27. Most elderly people can be irritating because they tell the same stories over and over again0.3910.740
28. Elderly people complain more than other people0.3460.743
29. Elderly people do not need much money to meet their needs0.0770.759