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Table 1. Capacity development indicators of faculty development programs

From: Identification of capacity development indicators for faculty development programs: A nominal group technique study

Category 1: Development and innovation in teaching and learning processMean score of each indicator
Enhanced competencies to transfer concepts and skills to learners4.83
Improved competencies to manage the classroom4.83
Competencies to apply novel methods for assessing learners4.83
Competencies to design a course plan based on educational design principles4.67
Competencies to provide feedback to learners4.67
Motivation to receive feedback on their own teaching performance4.50
Meet the principles of professional behavior in education and clinical practice4.50
Competencies to motivate students for learning4.34
Competencies to apply interactive teaching methods aligned with educational conditions4.34
Ensure fairness in teaching and assessment of learners4.16
Enhanced enthusiasm and self-confidence in teaching3.52
Improved teaching quality3.52
Category 2: Development and innovation in communication and collaboration at different levelsMean score of each indicator
Competencies to communicate with learners, colleagues and patients appropriately4.50
Help new colleagues for career progression3.67
Competencies to do teamwork3.67
Category 3: Development and sustaining faculty development programsMean score of each indicator
Refer to specialized evidence or consult with experts when answering a question or to inform decision making in the field of medical education4.33
Efforts to be up-to-date in the field of medical education3.86
More motivation to become familiar with various fields of medical education3.69
More motivation for participating in new faculty development programs3.69
Encourage and provide guidance to other colleagues to participate in faculty development programs3.69
Category 4: Development of educational leadership and managementMean score of each indicator
Cooperate in the implementation of educational development processes at university/school4.50
Motivation to analysis the university/school policies regarding educational activities4.16
Motivation to evaluate the quality of education in their own department4.16
Category 5: Development in scholarshipMean score of each indicator
Motivation to identify educational problems, and, to design and implement appropriate interventions4.50
Motivation to attend seminars and conferences related to medical education4.00
Competencies to use medical education evidence in my educational activities3.52