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Table 1 Students’ and specialists’ perceptions of the implementation of the mini-CE

From: How students and specialists appreciate the mini-clinical evaluation exercise (mini-CEX) in Indonesian clerkships

NoWhat is your opinion on the Mini-CEX?-------Students (n = 124)---------------Specialists (n = 38)---------Students – Specialists’ comparison
Median of Students (IR)Median of Specialists (IR)Mann-Whitney U Test
SD (%)D (%)N (%)A (%)SA (%)SD (%)D (%)N (%)A (%)SA (%)ZSig.
1The Mini-CEX is a practical assessment tool05116915301174134.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−0.1720.863
2The Mini-CEX is easy to use for examiners to observe my performance0214652038868134.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−1.0780.281
3When assessing clinical skills, the direct observations are useful for assessing my clinical skills025662730053454.00 (4.00–5.00)4.00 (4.00–5.00)−2.0650.039*
4The Mini-CEX forms are clear23186512032458164.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (3.00–4.00)−0.0320.974
5The Mini-CEX forms offer sufficient space for feedback04196513031671114.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−0.2140.830
BImpact on learning
1The Mini-CEX stimulates clinical teachers to observe students’ interactions with patients105801530858324.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–5.00)−1.4550.146
2Direct observation is a strength of the Mini-CEX106682633358344.00 (4.00–5.00)4.00 (4.00–5.00)−0.7280.466
3The Mini-CEX has a positive effect on the student-teacher relationship11146817332155184.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (3.00–4.00)−0.9070.365
4The Mini-CEX has impact on students’ learning processes1186723331368134.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−1.8170.069
5The Mini-CEX helps students prepare for the assessment in the final week of a clerkship108652655853294.00 (4.00–5.00)4.00 (4.00–5.00)−0.5380.590
6The assessor’s feedback helps students to improve their weaknesses1176229051163214.00 (4.00–5.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−1.3400.180
7The assessor’s feedback is helpful in daily clinical practice21106027051661184.00 (4.00–5.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−1.4080.159
8Feedback is a strength of the mini-CEX10105435051653264.00 (4.00–5.00)4.00 (4.00–5.00)−1.5930.111
9The Mini-CEX impacts on students’ self-directed learning11116522381158214.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−0.8690.385
10Students’ past Mini-CEX results affected their recent Mini-CEX outcomes12136519352653134.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (3.00–4.00)−2.1400.032*
11Experiences students gained from Mini-CEX assessments are applicable to daily clinical practice118682305863244.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.25)−0.2190.827
CProfessional development
1The Mini-CEX has influenced students’ professional development as a doctor1077319331166184.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−0.8610.389
2The Mini-CEX has influenced students’ perspective on patient care10116919331363184.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (4.00–4.00)−0.7180.473
3The Mini-CEX has influenced students’ interactions with patients and their families12156418331855214.00 (4.00–4.00)4.00 (3.75–4.00)−0.1910.848
  1. Note: SD Strongly Disagree, D Disagree, N Neither agree or disagree, A Agree, SA Strongly Agree, IR Interquartile Range; *p < .05