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Table 2 Exploratory factor analysis of control beliefs in the TPB model

From: Supervisors’ intention to observe clinical task performance: an exploratory study using the theory of planned behaviour during postgraduate medical training

Control beliefsFactor loadings*
CB factor 1CB factor 2
I can perform direct observations of the trainee when/if…
 I am busy−.047.721
 I am not feeling comfortable−.031.636
 Trainees have a specific question for feedback.108.536
 Trainees avoid direct observations.265.532
 Clear assessment criteria are available to perform direct observations−.077.502
 I feel the need to give a critical assessment.266.211
 I am trained in performing direct observations.405.259
 I have the feeling that performing direct observations is disturbing the contact between trainee and patients.435.087
 I do not know what to assess.703.048
 I have the feeling that my roles as supervisor and assessor are in conflict.704−.100
 I have the feeling that a trainee experiences direct observations as an assessment.746−.040
 I have the feeling that I am confronted with shortcomings in my own consultations.791−.111
  1. *Significant factor loadings in bold