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Table 2 Lesson Learned During SGM Curricular Implementation Process

From: Implementation of sexual and gender minority health curricula in health care professional schools: a qualitative study

Lesson learnedExample quotation
Do not rely on one or a few peopleMy bigger question would be, what happens if [name] leaves? What happens, is there somebody who is going to step into that role if she goes? And I don’t know that I see this administrator saying, “Oh I really need to find somebody to make sure that we continue to”... you need more than a couple of people to understand. Because at any given point in any academic career, you’re going to have folks who come and go.
Start with what you haveI think too would be definitely to find the champions on campus that are doing this work and to support them and then try to figure out how to align the work that [is] currently going on with the medical curriculum and build from that so that it doesn’t seem like you’re starting from scratch. But that you’re building on some foundational elements that maybe seem disparate but actually can be very helpful.
Show the necessity of the contentSo I think it’s sort of partly about ensuring that the feedback you get is going to be useful in helping you … either improve what you’ve got, or just kind of demonstrate that there’s a need for it. Because if everybody at the beginning said, “We really don’t need this,” and everybody at the end said, “I’m still fine. I didn’t really learn anything new,” then okay, fine, we maybe we would have given up on it.