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Table 3 Comparison of synchronous groups’ TGEI scores

From: Should the PBL tutor be present? A cross-sectional study of group effectiveness in synchronous and asynchronous settings

 (A) Tutor present in the room(B) Tutor present onlinep-valuea
median (Q1-Q3),
n = 136
median (Q1-Q3)
n = 17
Cognitive aspects23 (21–24)24 (23.5–25)0.01
Motivational aspects27 (24–30)28 (25.5–29.5)n.s.
Demotivational aspects10 (7–14)8 (6–10.5)n.s.
Overall rating of group productivity4 (4–5)4 (4–5)n.s.
  1. aMann-Whitney U