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Table 3 Weaknesses and pending problems of LMD noted by 58 teachers (76.3%)

From: Evaluation of the “license, master, doctorate” reform in medical school of University of Lomé (Togo): strengths and weaknesses

Weaknesses of LMD reform
 Increase of students number2136.2
 Unsuitable reform1220.7
 Insufficiency of teachers’s training813.8
 Absenteeism in courses813.8
 Absenteeism in internship712.1
 Decrease students level712.1
 Insufficiency of ICTs (network, …)610.3
 Difficulty of application the reform46.9
 Poor practical training (stage)35.2
 No Courses online23.4
 Increase of teacher’s workload23.4
 Multiplication of exams23.4
 Share classrooms with other faculties23.4
Unsolved problems
 Absence of intermediate diploma1729.3
 Absence of pathways between studies1729.3
 Insufficiency of resources (human and material)1424.1
 Poorly equipped hospitals23.4