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Table 1 Description of items included in final HEMLEM

From: Development of a brief learning environment measure for use in healthcare professions education: the Healthcare Education Micro Learning Environment Measure (HEMLEM)

 Item number and wordingFactor loadingSkewednessCorrected
Item-Total Correlation
Subscale 1:
Staff attitudes and behaviours
1 This placement had a welcoming, friendly, and open atmosphere..833−.902.824New from data
2 There was a culture where I felt free to ask questions or make comments on this placement..817−1.173.817Adapted MCTQ [27]
3 Staff on this placement were enthusiastic about teaching..750−.842.782New from data
4 My supervisor showed an interest in me..680−.975.757Adapted MCTQ [27]
5 My input was valued on this placement..658−.853.782New from data
6 I was provided with regular, useful, and supportive feedback during this placement..651−.780.769New from combined existing items and new data
Subscale 2: Teaching quality7 I had the opportunity to apply my previous knowledge in this placement..783−.975.728Adapted CLEQ [28]
8 My knowledge and skills were developed on this placement..737−1.142.797New from data
9 This placement helped me put theory into practice..677−.981.683New from data
10 I was able to meet my learning objectives on this placement..668−1.129.714New from data
11 I had the opportunity to deal with the patient as a whole on this placement..657−.798.608Adapted CLEQ [28]
12 I was given tasks suitable for my stage of training on this placement..649−1.110.713New from data