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Table 3 Students’ perceptions of the influence of the New Innovative medical Curriculum (NIMC) components on their SDL skills, Aksum University, School of medicine, 2019

From: Students’ perceptions towards self-directed learning in Ethiopian medical schools with new innovative curriculum: a mixed-method study

Class year of studentsCurriculum components
PBL tutorial discussionContent testedModule objectivesLecturesTutorsReliance on suggested references
Year-1 Mean (SD)3.5 (1.13)1.95 (0.52)2.9 (1.03)1.9 (0.6)3.7 (1.04)1.78 (0.6)
Year-2 Mean (SD)4.2 (0.77)2.1 (0.74)3.8 (0.8)2.0 (0.8)4.1 (0.9)3.2 (0.9)
  1. NB: Ratings were from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum)