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Table 3 Comparison of the impact of specifying video and written pre-placement learning materials in parameters where specifying written or video learning materials was found to have a significant impact

From: A non-randomised trial of video and written educational adjuncts in undergraduate ophthalmology

 Video LRS95% CIWritten LRS95% CIp value
Mean initial self-reported knowledge rating/52.42.1––2.40.14
Mean supervisor knowledge rating/107.56.9––8.30.70
Mean final knowledge test score (%)72.068.9–75.177.774.3–81.10.03*
Mean final self-reported knowledge rating/54.23.9––4.60.47
Mean OSCE score (%)88.184.0––90.40.53
  1. p values calculated using two-tailed t-tests for parametric data and Mann-Whitney u-tests for non-parametric data. OSCE Objective structured clinical examination. CI Confidence interval. LRS Learning resources specified. * = statistical significance defined as p < 0.05