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Table 2 Table showing differences in performance between students who received specified pre-placement learning materials and those who did not

From: A non-randomised trial of video and written educational adjuncts in undergraduate ophthalmology

 No PPR95% CISpecified PPR95% CIp value
Mean time on pre-placement work (mins)5143.3–58.761.939.0–84.80.15
Mean initial knowledge test score (%)5652.3–59.760.456.8–64.00.12
Mean initial self-reported knowledge rating/51.71.4––2.50.005*
Mean supervisor knowledge rating/106.45.7––8.00.006*
Mean supervisor engagement rating/108.68.2–98.58.1–8.90.78
Mean post-seminar interactive test score (%)70.461.6–79.274.570.5–78.50.89
Mean final knowledge test score (%)63.659.3–67.974.872.4–77.2< 0.001*
Mean final self-reported knowledge rating/53.83.5––4.50.001*
Mean OSCE score (%)81.377.2–85.486.983.9–89.90.04*
  1. p values calculated using two-tailed t-tests for parametric data and Mann-Whitney u-tests for non-parametric data. OSCE Objective structured clinical examination. CI Confidence interval. PPR Pre-placement resources. * = statistical significance defined as p < 0.05