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Table 4 Frequencies of rating decisions with judgement not possible

From: Validation of a competence-based assessment of medical students’ performance in the physician’s role

 Judgement not possible
t1t2Δ (%)t1t2Δ (%)
Facets of competencesN%N%N%N%
Teamwork and collegiality1014.91112.2-2.70011.11.1
Knowing and maintaining own personal bounds and possibilities0022.22.246.01718.912.9
Structure, work planning and priorities000000066.76.7
Coping with mistakes1725.42932.26.83146.36976.730.4
Scientifically and empirically grounded method of working1928.46167.839.44567.2
Verbal communication with colleagues and supervisors000000033.33.3