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Table 3 Top 10 tips for implementing QR codes in healthcare education

From: Uses of quick response codes in healthcare education: a scoping review

1. Is the educational environment appropriate for QR code use?
2. Are the QR codes suitably printed and positioned for readability by a scanner?
IT issues
3. Is there a suitable network connection for smartphone use?
4. Has the target audience access to a smartphone with a QR code reader available?
5. Are the target audience aware of any probity or professionalism issues associated with the use of smartphones to scan QR codes?
6. Will there be any unintended users of the code and what impact may this have? (e.g. misinterpretation, harm, negative public perception)?
7. Should the QR codes be dynamic or static in nature?
8. Should the codes include any branding (e.g. an institutional logo in the centre) to distinguish it from other commercial QR codes?
9. Has the correct resource been encoded onto each QR code in use?
10. How will information on the QR code be kept up to date?