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Table 4 Checkpoints and problem scenarios in the three courses

From: Facilitating learning of community-based rehabilitation through problem-based learning in higher education

Sensory and physical disabilities
1Needs of children with physical disabilitiesWhat are the needs of children with physical disabilities?
In view of the needs of children with disabilities, how inclusion of children with physical disabilities can be achieved in local community?
2Activity planning for students with physical disabilitiesWhat if we have to plan for an outdoor activity for a group of school-aged children with physical disabilities?
How can we arrange such activity to ensure participation of all students with physical disabilities?
3Barrier free access for students with sensory disabilitiesWhat are the good practice and barriers to free accessibility of persons with visual impairment in a school campus?
How can we advocate for the rights of people with visual impairment in terms of barrier free access to facilities?
Culturally relevant practice
1Beliefs and values. Where am I?What are the predominating values and cultural norms in Chinese communities?
What are your reflections related to the above mentioned values and norms?
2Living with meaning.With reference to the previous check-point, how the predominating values and cultural norms of local people is affecting the meaning of the occupation among the people in Hong Kong, especially in the areas of daily living, work and leisure?
How CBR practitioners can help with their clients to define and live out the meaning of occupations with respect to different types of service setting?
3Life with choices.What will be the opportunities or challenges of CBR practitioners regarding the increasing emphasis on human right?
How we can appropriately deal with such challenges.
Enabling occupation - community
1Needs assessment using photovoiceExplore the needs of people with disabilities using photovoice.
How can practitioners work with the people with disabilities to go through the process of photovoice and produce the photovocie storyboards?
2Community-based inclusive programDevelop a program plan using the program planning model based on the results of needs of assessment.
Develop an implementation plan for this group of users.
3Strategies to enhance empowerment and participationBased on your program design, outline and describe the practical skills in service provision in relation to the domains of health, rehabilitation, social and empowerment as stated in the CBR matrix.