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Table 2 The most accessed online activities under each individual subject

From: Can e-learning improve the performance of undergraduate medical students in Clinical Microbiology examinations?

Online ActivityNo. of times accessedaNo. of individual users/registered users (%)b
Core Concepts
 Bacterial morphology & cell structure74,959280/334 (83.8)
 HCAIs & Infection prevention & Control71,737262/334 (78.4)
 Bacterial genetics52,706267/334 (79.9)
 HCAIs12,340281/334 (84.1)
 Aminoglycosides, quinolones & macrolides11,648275/334 (82.3)
 Streptococci10,953288/334 (86.2)
 Important resistant bacteria110,964279/334 (83.5)
 Adverse effects of antibiotics39,617267/334 (79.9)
 Classification of antibiotics31,623307/334 (91.9)
Pathogen focused online cases
 Herpes virus infections (Herpes simplex & Varicella zoster)28,521288/334 (86.2)
Streptococcus spp.: A 68 year-old male with CAP26,819286/334 (85.6)
Streptococcus spp.: A 7 year-old female with pharyngitis  
Pathogen Index8644329/334 (98.5)
Glossary of terms1457288/334 (86.2)
  1. aCould be accessed more than once by each registered student
  2. bNot all registered users sat the end-of-semester examination