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Table 1 Balanced, consensus-based peer asessment system

From: Peer assessment to improve medical student’s contributions to team-based projects: randomised controlled trial and qualitative follow-up

Level team member Description Marksa
Outstanding Met all of their own requirements and have demonstrated evidence of leadership and team working skills far beyond what was expected 6
Very good Met all of their own requirements and covering extra work beyond what was expected 5
Essential Met all of their own requirements (perhaps after renegotiation of tasks) 4
Adequate Covered most of the agreed tasks during the team work project 3
Underperforming Covered some of the agreed tasks 2
Largely underperforming Failed to meet agreed tasks and who have consistently failed to comply with the set team rules. 1
Free rider No contribution to the team 0
  1. aThe overall team mark needs to add up to a total of 24 marks in a 6-member team, 20 marks for a 5-member team and 16 for a 4-member team