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Table 1 Patient Education Checklist (PEC)

From: Development of medication-related counselling skills in senior medical students: a checklist-based approach

Purpose of the prescribed medication/medications
Frequency & Duration of intake
Onset of action & Relevance of compliance
Relation to time (eg. meal times, bedtime)
Potential ADRs (including phototoxicity, teratogenic actions etc)
Any action required (eg. Stop med/report)
Exercise caution regarding the level of details so as not to scare the patient from taking the drug altogether.
Dietary restrictions or alcohol limitation/abstinence required
Drug Interactions (including herbals/OTC products; particularly relevant in polypharmacy)
Driving restriction required
Administration Technique optimised/demonstrated
Consequences of missed doses/abrupt discontinuation
Lab investigations required/ scheduled
Non-pharmacological/lifestyle advice (if needed)
Check with patient if they have any questions/ issues regarding their medicines